Planned clients schedules with specific appointments and professional drivers to pick up clients

Professionalism and Safety

Triple E Transport drivers are trained to efficiently and safely operate our wheelchair lift. The lift is designed to work on a hydraulic system, that assists to safely put a patient in the vehicle. Our drivers are also expected to help patients to come down by use of the same lift when they arrive at their destination. If the patient needs to be assisted in getting into their house, or other destinations, our well-trained drivers are always available to provide such services.

Instructional Protocol

Triple E Transport provides accessibility mediums for our staff and especially the driver. They would always record the time he/she picks up patients and when they drop them at their destination. Every driver has a schedule for the next day. Drivers always familiarise themselves with all the places they are instructed to pick up and drop off clients. In a situation where the driver does not make it in time to pick up a client, clients would be notified of any late arrival time and maintain contact with headquarters, so that the client could be informed as well.


Another leading skill as a driver is organization. With the new Hours of Service regulations and other important factors in the trucking industry, paperwork and logs are needed

Excellent Communication

A good truck driver should have excellent communication and people skills. There must be no confusion between them and their dispatcher and they must be able to work well with customers to resolve any delivery or pick up issues. No matter what phase of the job, a driver will be in contact with people and needs to be able to get along well with others and successfully communicate. If you’re a people person and enjoy interacting with others, you’re off to a great start.


Our drivers have excellent communication and people skills. They always ensure that there is no confusion, are always prepared to work well with the client to resolve any pick-up or drop off issues.

Good Navigation Skills

While modern electronics and GPS have made things easier in today’s society, a trucker still needs to be able to navigate, particularly in the case of a larger truck, and be aware of roads that can and cannot be travelled. Even with electronics, being able to read maps well is important. As we all know, sometimes GPS’s recalculate incorrectly. Knowing about compass direction and maps are key.


Our drivers are reliable and responsible. Drivers must be constantly aware of all others on the road to help prevent accidents and mishaps. Safety is our #1 at Triple E Transport and we always encourage drivers to be safe at all times on the road.


As in many other fields, self-motivation is meaningful in a truck driver job; self-motivation helps drivers to perform at their best. Being motivated in your everyday job will ultimately result in a greater achievement and a better job overall.

Triple E Transport, LLC is an Independently owned Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Agency for adults and seniors In and around Wayne County

Triple E Transport, LLC is an Independently owned Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Agency for adults and seniors In and around Wayne County

Safe environment for our passengers and employees 98%
To support our community through positive impact 80%
High Transparency 70%
Our honor is of high regard to treat everyone with care 65%